Wood engraving

Laserartist CO2 laser engraving machines provide a wide range of possibilities. More versatile than router engravers or milling machines, CO2 laser
engravers can quickly and easily customize wooden objects and products, engrave glasses or ceramic cups, etch on stone or plastic, mark coated metal
plates, print on fabric and leather, and so much more!
Here we go wood as example. Wood is a perfect material for laser engraving and laser cutting. The bundled heat of the laser beam cleanly removes
individual layers of the wood surface. Advertising articles made of wood, products made of solid wood or cork can thus be quickly individualised without
the addition of chemical dyes.The laser engraving on wood is especially suitable for ecological promotional products, to meet the ecological sustainable
values in all aspects.

Wood laser engraver application fields
Engraved wooden key ring
Wood log with engraving and cut-out as creative packaging
Wood bark with engraving
Engraved wood veneer plate
Glazed wooden board with structure engraving
Wooden plate with engraving and cutout
wooden chopsticks with single name engraving
Engraving on cardboard packaging
engraved wooden board game

In laser engraving of wood, the grain of the wood plays an important role, as it has a decisive influence on the colour and depth of the engraving.
Basically, low-fibre wood types are better suited for wood laser engraving, as logos and lettering are easier to read and the engraving image is more

In general, low-fibre woods with a relatively even grain, such as beech, oak or cherry, provide very good engraving results that are rather dark and rich in contrast.
Less good engraving results can be achieved with high-fibre and strongly grained wood types such as bamboo.

Post time: Nov-02-2020