5 Main factors affecting the marking quality of laser marking machine

The performance of the laser marking machine will slowly decreases after it is used for long time. What is the cause of this? What are the main factors affecting the quality of laser marking machine marking?

1. The focal position of the laser marking machine

The focal position of the laser marking machine is to affect the marking quality. Laser only in the focus position to achieve maximum power and effect, focus position to determine whether the correct, there is a great impact on the quality of processing, affecting the laser whether the correct role on the workpiece, to achieve the processing effect. Adjusting the height of the oscillating lens during laser work enables the laser to reach its strongest state. (The strongest state is indicated by the laser emitting a blinding blue-white light, accompanied by a loud beep-like sound).

2. The performance of laser beam focusing The laser beam focusing performance will directly affect the marking quality, the focus of the laser beam is very small, so its energy is very concentrated. Without good focusing performance, you can not get the ideal laser spot, can not use the high energy density of the laser, and can not achieve laser marking machine. In the best focusing situation, the beam waist is always located between the spotting mirror and the target.

3. The movement speed of the laser beam

The movement speed of the laser beam is also an important factor. Laser and material interaction process, the speed of the laser beam will affect the effect of the laser and material interaction.

4. Laser marking machine cooling method

laser marking machine cooling method should not be neglected. Cooling system is the entire laser machine can be stable and sustainable marking premise, heat not only affects the laser’s escape, will also affect the circuit system, fiber laser marking machine through the air-cooled device, reduce the internal temperature of the body, and reduce machine failure, improve equipment stability, and has a small volume of fast heat dissipation.

5. Materials of laser marking

In fact, the same laser marking machine, because of marking different substances, its fine lines are also different, if the laser energy used is different, then the marking lines fine effect will also be different.

Post time: Nov-02-2020